About Off Leash K9 Training

Dacia has had a love for helping people and dogs since she was in middle school when her parents enrolled her in the local 4-H club “Canine Crusaders”. She found out she had a hidden talent with dogs that became apparent right away with how quickly her and her dog advanced in the program.

Later in her 4-H experience Dacia and two other 4-H kids started a program called “4H, 4love, 4dogs, 4ever”. The director at the local Human Society matched advanced 4-H kids up with hard to place dogs from the shelter, most of the dogs were feral and came from hording situations. The kids worked with these dogs in their homes for weeks, taught them basic obedience skills, worked on fixing bad habits like jumping, chewing, barking and social skills and helping them become a member of the family that would adjust well into a forever home. All these dogs were adopted at the end of the program.

In 2010, she started working for the local Human Society, adding more valuable information about breeds, health issues, diets and behaviors. While working at adoption events with the shelter, she was approached by PetSmart about becoming a lead trainer. This experience allowed her to teach her skills to other pet parents so they could work at home to help their dogs become loyal obedient family members.

2017 Dacia joined Off Leash K9 Training as our Indianapolis trainer. Dacia will socialize your board and train with her Yorkie Faylynn and her young Australian Shepard Havoc, in addition to meeting goats, cats, horses and a few rabbits. Her residence in the county allows plenty of romping through fields, woods and creeks to cool off during the summer months.  Expect to see plenty of beautiful photos of your dogs during board and trains because Dacia enjoys photography as well. Check out her YouTube videos and photos on her Facebook page.

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