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Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Value

My trainer is fantastic. My Boxer was a hot mess, just a puppy. Now he is well trained and perfect. She was always there when I needed assistance or had a question. I recommend all of my friends to her.

Shannon D.  // Verified Google Review

training is so stress-free

My trainer is so patient, friendly, good at rescheduling for me multiple times. Really cares about each dog she comes into contact with. I would never train a dog another way away again. This type of training is so stress-free for me and the dog.

Lin D.  // Verified Google Review

All I can say is “AMAZING”

I am beyond protective of my dog – she is family. I refuse to leave Sasha with anyone except my mom, but my trainer knew just how to handle her. I have a Japanese Akita so they can be ornery and push limits, but my trainer didn’t even blink.

Sasha immediately fell in love with her and Sasha and I have never been closer. My trainer takes time to train not only your dog, but you as well! I have seen her take aggressive and fearful dogs and after two weeks, you honestly wonder if that is the same dog you dropped off. 

She is a miracle worker and I’ve never been so comfortable leaving my fur baby because I know that Sasha is in the best hands possible.

Alexandria B.  // Verified Google Review

The money spent is well worth it

I have a 6 month Great Pyrenees and they tell me that they are stubborn and very hard to train. Not with my trainer and Off Leash Training. After 3 sessions he will sit on command -stay there for several minutes-come when called- and heels very well. Before when I walked him, if he saw other people and especially other dogs he would pull to try and get to them to play, no more.

Yesterday we walked by a dog 5 feet away and he heeled great. Took him to my grand daughters (6th grade) cross country meet last Sat. and even with all the people there he was fantastic.

Went to my grand sons football game and he just sat and watched and let people come up and pet him all the time remaining seated. Not perfect yet but making great progress. I see others going down my street and the dog is walking the person and I know it can’t be enjoyable. I could go on and on but if you don’t have a trained dog you are shorting him and you. The money spent is well worth it and I intended to go on with the advanced course.

Steve W.  // Verified Facebook Review

miracles happen!

My animals are my life and I am possibly the pickiest pet parent I know, but my trainer is absolutely wonderful! You can’t find a better trainer for your pup, no matter what level they are at.

She has a wonderful way with animals and is a joy to watch work. The dogs respond well to her and she has made miracles happen! I have an Akita and they can be incredibly hard-headed, but my trainer is my go to person. I immediately saw positive results with her methods and now my pup and I are closer than ever.


Lexi B.  // Verified Facebook Review

I highly recommend Off Leash K9 training

My trainer was amazing with our golden retriever, Buddy. You can really tell she has a love and passion for training dogs. She was always willing to answer any questions we had and was very informative about all aspects of the training.

I highly recommend my trainer and Off Leash K9 training to anyone thinking about training their dog.


Stephanie F.  // Verified Facebook Review

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